Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
Feb 5, 2021

Be Humble

Something on the topic of money and privilege that come with working in software.

Nov 30, 2020


A short introduction of the current state of debugging WebAssembly code.

Jul 6, 2020

USB-C Hubs and Ethernet

A word of warning on USB-C/Thunderbolt hubs with ethernet ports.

May 24, 2020

My Standard Desktop

How my work from home situation looks like at the moment.

Apr 9, 2020

Temporary Contact Number based Contact Tracing

A short introduction to TCN based contact tracing

Apr 3, 2020

App Assisted Contact Tracing

Why contract tracing will be our future and why it's a good idea.

Jan 1, 2020

I'm not feeling the async pressure

An introduction to back pressure in systems and why it matters.

Dec 28, 2019

Open Source Migrates With Emotional Distress

How the Open Source community gets away with large, backwards incompatible migrations by cheating and a lot of emotional distress.

Nov 4, 2019

Open Source, SaaS and Monetization

My thoughts on monetizing open source SaaS businesses from my experience at Sentry.

Jul 29, 2019

Updated Thoughts on Trust Scaling

An update to my struggles accepting that the current explosion of the amount of dependencies is the best we can do.