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A Recap

written on Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have been reading a bunch of people's recaps of 2010. I find that a wonderful idea because it turns out that after a year you end up doing a lot and don't appreciate it enough. And it turns out, 2010 was an amazing year. This is my list of Open Source or programming related activities of 2010:

  • Decided to learn game development. This didn't go too well for a while though. I was kinda worn out of Python web development after four years and wanted to do something new.
  • Made an April's fool joke web framework with a screencast that was downloaded over 15.000 times. Some people actually took it serious :)
  • Gave a talk about switching to Python 3 at the Linux days in Graz.
  • Released Flask, a microframework based on my April's fool joke. I learned a lot from that, might be intresting for a talk.
  • Attended DjangoCon in Berlin and gave my first English talk ever. It didn't go as well as it could have been but I was nervous as fuck, especially because I was the first talk after the keynote.
  • Started looking for a Job over the summer holidays and ended up working with the guys from Lincoln Loop for a larger Django project.
  • Sphinx made it into GSOC under the PSF umbrella and I am mentoring a student again.
  • Attended EuroPython
  • Finally diving into 3D engine development. The books I bought a few months back finally pay off and a painful dive into mathematics starts.
  • Broke my macbook, needed replacement — expensive month.
  • Attended DjangoCon and met friends from Portland again. Good times.
  • Held a talk at Pycon PL about new Python idioms. Had the chance to talk to finally meet Maciej Fijalkowski in person and a whole bunch of interesting guys.
  • Another talk about Good API Design in Kiev. First time I was to Ukraine.
  • Relaunched with a new design. Looked for a bunch of companies using pocoo Software and was proud seeing where our stuff ended up beeing.
  • Got invited to ORD Camp 2011. Feeling honored, but unfortunately will not be able to attend :(
  • I finally have something that looks rougly like a 3D voxel engine. Still far from a game, but a start and with that project I learned a whole lot that year.

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